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personal trainers that get you.

Make the change, improve your fitness life.


Flexible Fitness Solutions to match your body, schedule and budget.

Specialist 1-on-1 personal training with the best freelance personal trainers in London.

3-on-1 personal training when you need intensity but less focus.

Fun indoor and outdoor bootcamps.


Scientifically based homework, challenges and nutrition education to put you in control.




PROPER personal training, designed
to fit your world.

We are experienced personal training matchmakers.

We will find the perfect match for you.


It’s called personal training for a reason, our trainers care. Their mission in life is to get you where you want to be. They will be by your side pushing and guiding, day and night, thick and thin.

Whether a 12, 26 or 52 week plan, Livefit’s flexible personal training packages are set up to allow you to switch from 1-1, to 3-1, to group training or even self-training. 

You choose what works for you as the journey unfolds, so you’re not hooked on years of 1-1 personal training. Unless you want to! 

With our lifestyle change psychology knowledge your performance peaks early so you can choose your next step with confidence.
And with trainers covering every inch of London, we can come to you.


Because humans train better together.


with nature.
With people.
With Play.
With you.

“Come for a solid workout. Keep coming back for the positive vibes" – Rachel Henry, Fulham Bootcamp.

From intervals to weights to HIIT to team challenges, our sessions will work you hard but leave you smiling.

We bring the gym to the park. Kettlebells, medicine balls, mats (no muddy bums!), boxing and tunes, so you can enjoy nature as intended.