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About Us.

It's hard to stay focused when you're trying to change your ‘fitness life’ alone, but the right advice and support make it much easier to achieve in the short term and long term. 


Livefit is a fitness company that cares.

The fitness industry is evolving to produce a bigger effect on the nation, reaching parts of the population that have been left behind. Livefit is set up to be part of that shift.

So not only do we have bootcamps and personal trainers, but we also run not-for-profit projects in tandem with local trainers to bring fitness services to people who don't traditionally have access to them:

  • Mentoring kids coming through sports college to build careers as personal trainers and bootcamp instructors.
  • Partnering with local charities to get people training that need a helping hand.
  • Working with the NHS training people with mental health issues to improve their situation via physical health.


In addition to the above, Livefit are heavily involved in academic research in to Fitness Psychology. 

We are running a group habit change study with University of Birmingham and working with UCL's Human Behaviour Change Project to help understand the route to large scale health improvement.


We want to Make Fitness Work for everyone. Because building a fit society from top to bottom improves all our health.

James Hardy, personal trainer and founder


“There's nothing like the feeling that bubbles up when you realise you're reaching your physical best.”


An ex rugby player, kickboxer and triathlete, with a passion for calisthenics, rock climbing and yoga, James has 15 years' experience in the industry. A hard worker who has built several businesses and defeated serious injury, he’s all about dedication, positive attitude and a pro-active mindset. 


Livefit has been an evolving project from a small team of trainers to a larger one, then something different altogether. James’s learning on fitness psychology lead to Livefit’s new mission to partner with as many like-minded people as possible to amplify the positive message of the fitness psychology movement. 



“Understanding the truth that plans do not always go to plan is key to making consistent progress. Discussing and jointly planning your lifestyle changes at a speed that will allow you to enjoy life makes sure you get it right, gradually, but permanently. It is important to use your close social groups and environmental ‘triggers’ to your advantage. The cycle of dieting and falling off the wagon is a lonely one. A positive spiral is much more fun.”



“Working with Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines put me to the test coaching dramatic transformations for their cover stories in 6 or 10 weeks. A good reference point for the precision that is possible, but a huge wake up call to how much dedication that takes… it’s not the way a ‘normal’ client would train. Boosts are great, grab that enthusiasm with two hands, but always, always, remember the long term or you’re not serving your client with integrity. The market has evolved, there’s no excuse for doing 8-week transformations without serving people’s long-term goals. There’s no hiding place that says ‘That’s what they asked for, it’s their choice’… Because WE have to understand the affect of fitness marketing on peoples desires. WE have show responsibility to know that short-term is always part of long-term for our clients and serve that need too. For free.”


• BSc Psychology & Sports Science, The University of Birmingham (2002) Showing my age.

• Precision Nutrition L1 – practical nutrition coaching to make cutting edge science fit into a busy life

• Poliquin Biosignature L1 – using precise body fat testing to uncover hormonal balance and optimise it with specific nutrition, supplementation and training protocols.

• L4 Personal Trainer: Lower back pain specialist & GP referral

• Anatomy In Motion L2 – using the whole-body movement chain to release restrictions from the foot up

• L3 Sports Massage Therapist

Livefit Experiences.


Every month the Livefit tribe gets together to take on a physical challenge and have a drink after!


July 1st – Rock Climbing, Fulham

Aug 5th – Hill walking, South Downs

Sept 9th – Surfing, Croyde, Devon


If you just want to join us for a trip you’re more than welcome, just enquire at the bottom of this page.


    Talk Fit -

    Fat Loss Accelerator Group - F.L.A.G.

    Measurably accelerate your results.

    We don’t aim for 12 weeks, we don't even aim for 12 months.

    We aim for good.


    Talk Fit is a motivational monthly get together committed to improving the effect of our food, exercise and health habits. 

    Learn from personal trainers, nutritionists and each other how to practically improve your health life. Each month we discuss one important nutrition issue, learn a new recipe and the nutrition behind it, then discuss how to improve our habits.

    During the session you will create a written personal plan for the month; fitness goals, nutrition goals and the routine needed to achieve them. Next month you’ll report your performance, be accountable for what happened and set new goals for THIS month. You will learn and improve step by step to deeply improve your fitness. 


    Example schedule- 

    1. Food Issue of the month – stop SNACKING at work?!
    2. Lunchbox Recipe of the month - Chicken Hot Pot
    3. ‘Habit Triggers' to keep your NY resolutions going from Feb 1st to Dec 31st!
    4. Open Q&A - Your specific Q's answered




    If you want to hire the Livefit team to put on an event in your area we do presentations on nutrition, exercise and habit change.

    • Hangovers, Habits and How to Fix Them
    • Talk Fit
    • The Secret to Mind & Body Transformation At Work



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