5 Tricks to Avoid Hangovers

Avoiding a hangover takes a bit of forward planning, you’ll never going to pull off these little steps off the cuff. But if you use this article as a shopping list and put each step in place next time you go out it could be the start of some new habits that revolutionise your hangover life.

Your Monday mornings deserve a little love!


1. Water

Dehydration is the number one cause of hangovers, alcohols diuretic properties mean you pee at a far greater rate than normal, leaving you a prune of a person. The first step you can take to avoid this is simply be as well hydrated as possible before you start. Start working on it before it even gets to the day of the night out, by sipping through 3L of water a day all week and you’ll be in the best possible starting position to lose water!

2. Well balanced meal before starting the night out

Again get the right stuff in your system before you start the night out, it will keep your blood sugar balanced and prep you for the night. Whatever you choose have healthy fats and protein like salmon, healthy carbs and eggs, if you can fit them in to a dinner, as they contain Cysteine which helps combat the after effects of acetaldehyde, one of the nasties that cause the hangover.

3. NAC & Green Tea

An hour before you start drinking have a cup of green tea for its liver boosting properties and the supplement NAC (200mg +) which helps to metabolism acetaldehyde. Make sure you leave at least 30 mins after taking your NAC before your first drink or you’ll undo all the good effects.

4. Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

Is the most useful supplement to keep in your armory as you can take it at any point during the session! Before, during and after drinking, extra Thiamine (B1) will help take the sting out of your headache by protecting your ‘brain water’ and stopping the old grey matter constricting.

5. Rehydration Salts

Before bed knock back an electrolyte drink as you’re cleaning your teeth to replace the salts you have peed out with all the water. And I’d say do it when you clean your teeth because you could leave the powder in a glass by your toothbrush and you might actually remember it!


Shopping List:

  • Thiamine / B-Complex

  • NAC

  • RE-HYDRATION salt sachets (Dioralyte)

  • Green tea

  • Healthy Dinner

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James Hardy