5 Tricks to Cure Hangovers

Ok it’s happened already, the horse may have bolted but you can still shoot it out from underneath you... Or if you’re double prepared you could buy all this in advance and lay it out ready for the morning so all you have to do is trip over it.

We’ve all made bad decisions on a hangover, make it simple; fill up your blender with the smoothie mix the night before and freeze it so it comes out chilled / get all the breakfast ingredients in the fridge in advance / lay the vitamins out with a glass of water / say your prayers the night before.


“Lord forgive me for the sins I’m about to commit, I beg you don’t strike me down tomorrow, I will be good for the rest of the year/month/week… promise.”



Reduce your headache and release some energy with the world’s favourite hangover boost. It will reduce blood vessel swelling in your brain and give you just enough energy to get off the sofa to enact the rest of your hangover plan. I’ve made it No.1 because if I have to tell you to drink water then I just give up 

Eggs (scrambled), bubble and squeak, salmon and parsley

 YES have a cooked breakfast! You were right all along!!! Just health pimp it with vegetables, fresh herbs, salmon not sausage and scrambled eggs that provide more of the cysteine that you legitimately need to process your hangover metabolites. Filling yourself with processed sausages, bacon and tomato ketchup might feel good short term but you’re not giving your body anything useful to work with.

Vit C + B

May not be a magic cure but they will give your body the right ingredients to work with. 1-2 berroccas or similar + 200mg of Vit B1 (Thiamine) should contribute to your energy, minimize inflammation and boost the immune system you have pushed to the limit with Jager bombs and the red wine that seemed a good idea at 2am in your kitchen. No one likes a 2-day hangover + flu on a Monday do they?

Smoothie with ginger and turmeric

(beetroot, carrot, celery and apple perhaps?)

you can choose the supporting cast to taste but stick a good thumb of ginger and as much Turmeric as you can handle (1/2 teaspoon?) to help with the stomach symptoms of a chunky hangover.

IV Drips... 

You can actually get a recovery drip of saline solution and vitamins plugged in to you by a qualified nurse in a few places in London and other big cities, I did it once as an experiment after a huge night out and it really does work. I was up at 5am Monday morning for an early client and felt almost zero effect from the night out, but it costs £150-200 so probably just drink some water instead!


Shopping List

  • Nice ground Coffee

  • Salmon, courgettes, parsley, eggs

  • Ginger, Turmeric, Apple, Carrot, Beetroot

  • Vitamin C

  • Thiamine (B1) / B-Complex

  • Book a Nurse


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James Hardy