My Life Changing Story - Feeding

This is lifelong for many people. In and out of good patches. Struggling against the bad influences that are the landscape of their lives. They will have to push that rock uphill for a long time if they want it to stay put.

For others it’s easier because the landscape around them slopes towards positive choices. They’re travelling flat ground (downhill rarely) and they have multiple partners in do-goodery. Beyond a partner it’s just that ‘normal’ is positive so their subconscious is pointed more downhill. They don’t have to fight it.

That’s food culture. It surrounds us, interacts with us. It screams at us off the side of buses. Pulls at our sleeve from the shelf next to the checkout. Pontificates from Instagram and engages in one-uppery from glossy pages. But it’s also a warm hug in a mug and the enveloping comfort of mum’s lasagne. It’s good. It’s bad. And it’s down to you to work out when it’s lying to you, when you’re lying to yourself… and when that is an amazing Welsh Rarebit and you’re making an exception!

Self-awareness is the saw we aim to sharpen with this blog. It’s how you win. Take back control of your food decisions. Get in the goldilocks zone. Just right. Not too extreme healthy. But strong minded enough to not be led into choices you regret on a daily basis. Not mentally restricted and being ‘weird’ about food when you’re out with your mates, but not in denial of responsibility, spending away your long-term health-happiness on 30 second pleasure and post-justifying the reasons you can get away with it like a kid who nicked a Mars Bar from the sweet shop.

Fighting your subconscious is a gruelling, most likely losing, battle. So the key to fitness life transformations is to get your subconscious aligned with your conscious.

We’ll talk tactics.

We’ll laugh at ourselves.

We’ll scoop uncomfortable truths from their hiding places.

We’ll celebrate the small wins that make the big ones.

We’ll be sensible.

But oh yes we will aim high



If you want to change food habits that have proved hard to shift you most likely need to be open to looking inside. Or at least deeper than your menu. If you want a diet plan and nothing else you are not ready to listen to what we’re saying and that’s fine. YOU DON’T NEED US. Some people can just change their diet in one go and move on to bigger things. So if that’s you, props. You don’t need to read about food psychology. You got this. But if you ever end up back at square one again don’t do the same thing again, give food psychology a chance.