My Life Changing Story - Intro

I don’t mean that in retrospect; “My story is life changing-ly enigmatic”, more like a prediction “I am going to change my life while writing this story”.

It will be the emotional story of the journey I have been on and still am. To change my life, my body and my mental state. Real lows and highs, played out for my own benefit to coach myself forward by writing it out. This is not just a record written to gain followers, or a retrospective of achievements past. It’s a living breathing battle to move my mountain of physical/mental/business health, that I will use to guide myself in real time.

Writing is therapy. When you put pen to paper, or forefinger to keyboard, you crystallise your thoughts. Writing them out means you think through them and explore further in to them. You assess what’s been affecting you, analyse the end product (what you did) and map a route forwards. Your diary can be your coach.

So this is definitely going to be personal. And I will be laughing at myself. But I hope it will be of value to you in two ways:

  1. Highly practical ideas to mould your training, nutrition habits and fitness psychology

  2. Inspiration that you might try this method for yourself


3 Elements


Unlike your average personal trainer I’ve had a bumpy ride with physical problems and have been juggling my way through the maze to get back to full fitness for a decade. This element of the blog explores the struggle many people face getting fit when they carry long term injuries. Technically training becomes more complicated and it's hard to find appropriate goals/programs/training buddies. I’ll talk through training programs, explain rehab/prehab exercises, review therapy methods and recommend styles/formats/annual plans for both exercise and therapy. For the mature exerciser this knowledge is 100x more important than “How to get buff”. And it might just lead you there anyway via the scenic route. Read on...


Two questions; What do I ‘put in’ and why? The what is more than food; liquids, supplements, sleep, brain training, #lifehacks and #biohacks are all part of the mix. That’s the ‘what’ but the ‘why’ is HUGE... Habitual, emotional, hedonistic consumption vs. the ways we try to control it/things that make us feel well. Angel vs Devil… and why the devil should win sometimes. With a healthy dose of critique for the confusion caused by food marketing and society, aka the people around you. Read on...


The real reason people train is to feel good (often via buffness or sport), but that doesn’t get an appropriate amount of attention. The fitness press is littered with programs and recipes, but the mental growth that comes from physical progress is a higher level of gain that we’re all interested in. It’s harder to describe and to even see. To do so takes a lot of self-awareness, honesty and work. Few ever get a working model of their own fitness psychology so they sum it up with… “I trained and then I felt better in the rest of my life.” Which is shorthand for “I don’t get it but yay”. That’s no long term solution, so I will dig out the detail of the emotions, relate it to psychological theory and correlate it to actual productivity stats and achievements; productive hours worked, free time earnt, sleep... AND focus on the fun stuff I do in place of the depressing lifestyle I was living, because this re-organisation is a joyful process not a slog. Read on...


You could always join me and write YOUR life changing story... It might be big for you.

Hit me up on twitter if you want to compare war stories and shoot the breeze @jameshardysays I’ll be happy to hear from you.

James Hardy