My Life Changing Story - Moving

This is my story of injury, rehab, strife, therapy and rehab again, until full movement and ‘proper’ performance. Hopefully. An example of how it can be complicated yet you can break it down in to manageable steps, keep your chin up with wiser goal setting and move toward a real long term life changing tectonic plate shifting way forward.

Within the story is advice on what to do with your issues. Whole workouts and specific coaching on important moves. Review of therapy and training methods in terms of their practicality and functionality. Recommendations to great practioners.

For people that aren’t fresh palettes of 22-year-old meat the fitness industry is about as realistic as the fashion industry and its 18 year old clothes hangers, selling clothes to customers in their 30’s. If you are a bit older or a bit damaged, you really should keep your own perspective on training.

Yes you must run with your enthusiasm when the stars are aligned but if you want to keep your progress without hitting a brick wall, booming then busting with an injury or burnout, you need to keep an eye on the long run. Wear your body well, get to know it better so you can work with it not against. Train for function and fun, your aesthetic results will come.

The timeline for real results is longer than you want to accept. Let that sink in to your training and your measuring of progress. Please give yourself a break. Even if you can see a 12-week body transformation in a magazine that has very little relevance to your battle. Different situation entirely with multiple sources of support all grafting their heart out for a glossy photo shoot and marketing opportunity. I’ve done it. The results don’t last for people that weren’t in that state of mind before it started. If you want results that last you should aim for a two-year goal not 12 weeks.

I’ll work towards these long-term timelines and help you do the same with better goal setting and some simple but powerful psychological tricks. You’re going to be alive for a few years yet. If you were looking your absolute best the Summer after next would you take that?

Then let’s get to it. Gradual victory is yours for the taking.