My Life Changing Story - Personal Growth

It’s never easy to admit you need help mentally. We’re all supposed to be good. All we need is a little polish and we’ll be back to winning at life…

But the quickest of looks under the bonnet shows us everything we need to know; the biggest factor in fitness is motivation. Training and nutrition are factually easy. It’s what you do with that info that makes all the difference. So let’s stop make believing that all you need is a workout plan and start looking at how you work with yourself.

This is far from negative, it’s transformationally positive. That’s just a matter of perspective. Can you come with me?

Most people miss opportunities because they come dressed in overalls and look like hard work.

Honestly I’ve made a life of hiding motivational and emotional struggles behind a healthy smile. I’m the messenger of healthy choices and proactivity. I do a good job if I do say so myself but that’s come with work to put my own battles to the side while I’m helping others.

Pretend positivity is exhausting. Save it for the real stuff. Some of our most powerful drivers are negative emotions and we must take a leap of faith from our comfort blanky of knee jerk canned positivity if we’re to harness them and free ourselves from the avoidable torture of denying half our thoughts even exist. I’m admitting it now; I struggle. But I fight. In the end I have won and am loving life, but that means continuing to win day in and day out.

I believe psychology is the future of fitness. Getting our heads around what we want from our bodies. Understanding the motivational puzzle makes us better clients and far better trainers.

My bet is that fitness and psychology are so intertwined there is no separation. Your physical feelings and energy are the root of your mental, while the reverse is true of your mind controlling more of your body than our limited understanding allows us to accept.

Same for everyone. For good and for bad. I’ve been exploring this for myself over the last 5 years of issues with both body and mind. I’ve learned my way out of some of it and am still working on the rest. My degree in psychology obviously helped, but I’m now convinced that simultaneous work on both body and mind is the fastest route forwards for sustainable change in physical health for everyone that wants to make one. I’m working with two top UK Universities on research to understand it better but I’m going to break it down simply here.

The fact you’ve given this blog time to get this far suggests you’re open to peeking behind that door and that you may feel that you’ve got work to do; maybe it’s confusing why you go back on forth with fitness goals year by year. Why the 10am diet coke is unimpeachable. Or getting out of bed is like The Walking Dead series 97 episode 2019.

This blog will look at the science behind how we feel about health; “Fitness Psychology”. The goal will always be actionable ideas for you to try and the inspiration to just do it before your subconscious draws up its defences! I’ll use up to date research. I’ll use my own experiences as a touch stone and I’ll invite friends and clients to be interviewed to talk about their own ‘stuff’.

Real lives, real science, real solutions. Let’s make steps in the direction of self-knowledge and health-self-love.

James Hardy