5 Sports You Can Start In London This Summer

There is more to you than squinting at a tv from a treadmill. Your body wants more than that in pure physical terms, to sprint then stop, to change direction, to jump and reach.. these are the things it is designed for so take it for a test drive once every now and then. You might just get hooked..


SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)

Yes let's start with a dramatic option, getting out on the Thames on a paddleboard! Ok this may not be for everyone all of the time but what a great day out in the sun! You can make a thing of it and take a group of friends (or adventurous date...) for a paddle in Putney/Little Italy/Brentford/Kew.


Touch Rugby

This is more of a regular option that you can go week in and week out. Even if you've not played before there are games for you. It's no impact and mostly mixed teams so there's a place for anyone that's keen. In fact Livefit have a couple of games going in Clapham and Fulham so hit us up if you want to come down. If you have skillz then you can step up and play a league, or tag rugby.


Table Tennis

The simplest and (relatively) sweat free way to do some sport on your lunch break is take a table tennis bat with you to one of London's many free tables. Even if you haven't got an opponent to play with you'll easily pick up a partner if you take the kit down someone will play you. Here's a map of free table tennis tables in London.


Rock Climbing

Love climbing as a kid? You probably will as an adult. Just with soft matted floors under you. You could call it heavy vertical yoga. Rock climbing will stretch your hips and torso almost as well as a yoga class. Amazing back, arm and grip strength work too so you're actually building gym strength. If you're worried start easy with some bouldering (not very high = no rope skills necessary) in Vauxhall or Fulham and then build up to some higher walls and billet action in Bermondsey, Stoke Newington or Westway.

We go climbing regularly so if you want a companion give James a shout on james@livefit.co.uk


Dodge ball

Relive the Adam Sandler classic by donning your tightest lycra, busting some squats until you shake and throwing balls in your friends faces. Ok lycra isn't necessary, just some reactions and a sense of humour. You can play dodgeball in London here.



James Hardy