21 Day Press Up Challenge

21 days to change your press up.

Have you had problems building your press up strength?

This is the time to grab the bull by the horns, take our challenge and nail 21 press ups every day for 21 days. With different levels, so anyone can join at their level and climb the ladder.



Why 21 days? It’s long enough to make a difference but short enough that the end is always in sight. Then we have 10 days off to chill and start again on the 1st of the next month.


Even if you’re starting at the bottom level you will make a huge leap towards proper press ups. If you’re already a dab hand this 21-day challenge could take you all the way up to handstand press ups and other flash moves that will crown you don of the gym.


Whichever way you look at it add this challenge on top of your normal workout regime and you’ll guarantee a productive month of training.


Is it a bit extreme to do press ups every day? Yes it is. But you’re not working to exhaustion you’re doing 21 quality reps, so you shouldn’t feel too much soreness after...


Will it improve my technique doing it every day? Yes. The simple repetition of tasks each day makes them easier to hold in your short-term memory (muscle memory in this case).


How much discipline will this take? 70%. Yes, you have to do it every day and remember to squeeze it in, but it is ONLY 21 REPS so it will probably take you 60-120 SECONDS. You can do that can’t you. Best advice = choose a time, like just before your shower, do it then every day.


Are there any reasons I shouldn’t do this? If you have an unresolved shoulder injury, neck tension or really bad posture I’d advise you don’t do this challenge. For everyone else obviously manage your level so that you are working within your abilities with good technique. If you pick up neck tension during the challenge try the stretches posted in the group* and get a trap massage from a person or massage ball. Contact us if you need some advice.

*JOIN the group here -  https://www.facebook.com/groups/452370088539612


21 day Challenge table Sept18.jpg



There is a place for everyone in this challenge, whether your press up looks like a silent prayer or a religious event worthy of a thunderclap.


We want you to progress over the 21 days by working with perfect technique and gradually creep up the levels. Do not work with sloppy technique because you want to skip a level when you can’t really do it! Real progress comes with real technique.


Day 1 - Choose your starting level from 1-9. The level you can complete 21 reps of in one go.

Day 2 - Try to step up to the next level for as many reps as possible, then drop back to your base level to complete the 21. FILM it on your phone so you can compare at the end. If you want technique advice post it in the group and we’ll feedback.

Day 3-20 - Gradually climb the levels, with good technique, to reach the highest combination you can.

Day 21 - Get your phone out and FILM your peak performance! Post it in the group, we’ll appraise your style and praise your progress!


The more you film the more we know, if you show us what you’re doing we will give you feedback and let you know if you look like you’re on the right level.


JOIN the group here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/452370088539612




There will be prizes for

a) the best progress

b) the best/funniest video


A training planning session for each with a personal trainer to organise your next 6 months training for better results. Sweet huh.

So go forth and press.

What is 21 days after all?

James Hardy