21 day Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude is one of the most powerful positivity inducers available. And it’s free. And it feels amazing. We at Livefit believe that dealing with the psychological life of our clients boosts their physical outcomes

“Feeling good lubricates mental efficiency, making people better at understanding information and using decision rules in complex judgments,” writes psychologist Daniel Goleman in his book Primal Leadership.


Gratitude is known to make you happier, wiser and more focused on your goal. The mind-body connection is a wonderous thing, gratitude even helps you sleep better and improve your immune system. So we want to encourage you this month to take action on it every day for 21 days and see if that changes your perspective.

For 21 days we will all take a few short minutes to decide what we are grateful for that day.

It can be as small as “I caught the bus by the skin of my teeth.” or as big as “I got married”.

Simple. But the challenge is to do it EVERY day for 21 days. And as we all know staying disciplined for 21 days is hard, that’s why doing it together with us will help.

We’ll take an entry and exit questionnaire to test your ‘Vitality’ score, it’s a well trusted psychological rating of Self-Determination that helps you measure how positively in control you feel. This may be the secret heartbeat of your motivation and even happiness. Yes there are other ways to bring back control but a gratitude habit is a bite sized place to start.

We’ll be feeding you some ideas and showing you the gratitudes of our trainers and clients throughout the 21 days. Try and use them as a reminder/inspiration to do your own. It can be in your head, written in your phone notes or shared on the group for extra reinforcement of your feelings.

When you share gratitude it multiplies its effect on you and on others that deal with you, which eventually comes back to you again. Could that virtuous circle change your life positively? Then this is a habit you will love.

Don’t let your environment define you, define your environment.

Join us on a journey into a future of positive self determination, make the future bend towards positivity.

E.g. James’s FIVE GRATITUDES from September 22nd

  1. Pan Aux Raisin. I’m grateful I can still do enough training to eat the occasional pan aux raisin. Training has been hard for me with injuries etc so I’m happy to still be doing enough.

  2. Some Level of Maturity (Finally) to act on everything in front of me, go to bed early, to understand how to take a deep breath and avoid my pitfalls; time wasting, over the top weekend

  3. I woke up before my alarm this morning and had 15 mins to have a quiet cup of tea and meditate

  4. A loving girlfriend who takes me for who I am, including my ridiculousness, not just the bits she likes :)

  5. That 2 coffees a day is healthy so i can still drink them!

James Hardy