21 Day Booze Free Challenge

There are plenty of ways to make a dramatic short-term shift in your lifestyle; Hit the gym 5x a week. Cut out sugar. Sleep earlier. Learn to meditate…. But this month we’re on a bittersweet subject, drinking.

New government advice has brought the recommended units down for men to match women at 14 per week to reduce the long term health risks. That's only 6 glasses of wine or pints of 4% beer...

From a fitness front that's only around 1000-1500 kcal per week. IF you drink the recommended amount... but if you drink more it's enough to put a dent in your fat loss goals, not to mention the slowing affect it will probably have on your energy, hormones and sleep.

Life is a game of inches. Good ones and bad ones. Insignificant wins and losses that add up to a very significant total, a whole life. Lord knows I like a drink and am ‘for’ social drinking. You’ve got to relax, laugh and be merry. You’ve even got to self-medicate sometimes! But the periods in the last 20 years when I have gone more than a month without drinking; oh my word. The energy you can build up if you don’t lose any alcohol related inches for a whole month is invigorating. Three back to back restful weekends with full nights sleep and a rested liver can change your perspective on life.

The right decisions come easy.

Mornings are a pleasant surprise.

You get better at life.

So here it is;

Can you cut your alcohol for three weeks in May?

Why 3 weeks? It’s doable. You can see the end in sight already, so there’s no reason not to start is there?! It’s important to set achievable targets… and it can fit around your calendar easily, before that big party in 4 weeks...

Choose a start day. Stop drinking. Go 21 days. 


Two Options – None or Less?

With habit change there are always different strokes for different folks. Some people work well with black and white instructions that give no room for confusion – NO booze for 3 weeks. Others work better with small steps – LESS booze for 3 weeks. So we’ve set the challenge up with TWO OPTIONS:

  1. No drinking
  2. Less drinking

No drinkers = 3 weekends to get through alcohol free. Simple. (Or is it?!)

Less drinking is a non-specific challenge so we’ll leave it open to you with a set of ideas:

  • No drinking Sunday > Thursday
  • 3 drink max on nights out
  • 1 glass of wine with a meal



Seeing as cutting out drinking could be seen as a drab focus for the month, let’s make it more interesting. If you manage to achieve the benchmark below and post about it on facebook as proof (make sure you tag us 😉) we’ll give you a nutrition interview and bespoke plan from our nutritionist Emily Kier from Twice The Health that we normally charge £70 for!

  1. No drinkers: How many days in a row = points, 21 points = T-shirt or a drink at our next social
  2. Less drinkers: How many units cut = points, 30 points = T-shirt or a drink at our next social

Of course you can always give yourself a treat too at the end of the 21 days. Buy yourself a present. Book a weekend away. Or have a drink 😊

Challenge Ideas:

  • Diary - fill out the days you’re likely to find it hard; parties, work events, tiring weeks. It’s best to be aware of potential emotional draws and be prepared for them. Try to set curfews, plan to drive your car so you have reason to stay sober, or plan something better…
  • Diversions – can you fill those tricky gaps with fun?
    • Activities that aren’t the pub – movies, bowling, lazerquest, talks... (www.sundaypaperslive.comwww.nhm.ac.uk/visit/whats-on )
    • Healthy dinner party (invite people that are on the same page obvs)
    • Fitness in the morning – a nice Sunday bike ride, or try rock climbing, SUP (stand up paddle boarding) or a game of tennis/basketball etc will make staying in nothing but good preparation.


Entry questionnaire

  • Drinking levels last month. Units pw? Biggest night out units? How many nights out?
  • Physique tests
  • Vitality questionnaire



Exit questionnaire

  • How many days did you go without booze?
  • How many units of alcohol do you estimate you avoided?
  • What challenges/solutions did you find?
  • Vitality questionnaire



Let us know how you get on! You can join us on our facebook group to share your challenge with our crew and pick up all of our challenges free of charge.


James Hardy