December Fun Damage Limitation Challenge

Can you make it through the silly season unscathed? Can you still have fun? YES!

Meet this challenge and you can do both.

It hinges around getting your ‘health’ done early in the month so you have some slack for the inevitable belt loosening. The best of both worlds.

1.     1st -10th – Detox and hard training

2.     11th -20th – Taper

3.     21st -31st – Damage limitation!

We love balance at Livefit so we’re not shy of a party, but if you want to also live healthy you need to do yourself some good in your down time. This takes a little preparation so that when your hungover will power is tested you’ve already got one foot in the healthy door.


Can you stick to this plan? Score yourself a triangle for every successful workout and meal. There are 40 available for Detox, 21 for Taper and 14 for Damage limitation.

The maximum points that you can earn are 75. The aim is to score 100% - if you do, let us know and we’ll give you a prize of 1x 60min personal training session in January. Photo evidence is needed! Email or call 0207 385 0688 to claim your session before 31/1/18.

Dec Pretox Damage Limitation 2017.jpg

1.     Detox

  • Train every day
  • No Sugar
  • Minimal Alcohol – under 8 units this week
  • Suggested Meal plan

We have provided a suggested food plan including 3x meals a day, plus 3x snacks from our menu. You need to hit it hard for the first 10 days training. We have outlined what sort of training you should be doing for each day but the details are up to you.

Remember score a triangle for each workout and meal.


2.     Taper

  • Train 4 days
  • Alcohol – Do what you need to do. Be merry! Except on in-between days, maintain zen.
  • Suggested Breakfast and Lunch

We have provided a suggested meal plan for breakfast and lunch, plus 1-2 snacks a day. You plan your own evening meal. Be good during the day and have a clear conscience at night! 

If you can get to the end of this period having matched the plan you can confident that you have health in the bank for December and go into the big 10 days knowing your New Year will start at an acceptable level.


3.     Damage Limitation

  • Train between Christmas and NY
  • 8 glasses of water a day
  • Alcohol – Is there a window of opportunity 27th-30th to dry out? Do you really need to finish the sherry before 2018? 😉

We know what’s going to happen here, fitness goes out the window and so it should. Just keep your head above water, by drinking lots of it. And fitting in a few training sessions, no matter how limp!

Training will make the festivities more fun as your energy will be higher!

Bon voyage 2017… bring on NYE!!

p.s. if you want Livefit to check in on you on Saturday Jan 13th 2018, just to check if you're... you know... still in your Christmas jim jams, we will do that absolutely free of charge from the good of our hearts. We want you to start 2018 powerfully! Enter your email here and James will personally contact you Sat 13th.

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