Results Accelerator Group

The RAG Method

This is a method post for clients that take part in our VIP facebook group results accelerator. It runs on a calendar month, you start at the start and finish at the end, a hit of motivation and improved results as part of your long term evolution.

If you want to kick ass and deliver on all your plans to eat and train right over the next month then RAG is the most efficient way to do it. For a tiny investment of £20 you get a nutrition plan, a nutritionist and PT to talk to all month and a precise motivation machine of tasks, feedback and accountability to your group.

You already know what to train and eat, more or less. So why aren't you hitting or exceeding your goals? Because you're not following through your plan even close to 100%, probably under 60%. This group will take your 60% and raise it at least 20%... that 20% is the difference between: 

"I enjoy my training but I'm not changing very fast..."


"YES it's working, I can see the change!"

That's the secret sauce of great personal training; improve the habits around the training by getting FOLLOW THROUGH. That's it. Not a 10% harder session and definitely not a slightly different hand position on a lift! Just this. As our strapline says, you have to Live For It.



  • Set up your month 

  1. Choose your behaviour goals – What % commitment score will you target?
  2. Choose your physical goal – Totally up to you – could be 10km time? Fat loss? Waist/hip/etc measurement? Clothing size? Resting Heart rate? Functional Cardio test? Vitality score?
  3. Submit your training plan – using the template provided, fill out your training plan for the month in 100% detail. Then upload it to the group. Put your cards on the table. Post it with a happy but determined selfie - put a face to the program and increase the group momentum.
  • Prepare your nutrition plan –

Your nutritionist will provide menus for you to alternate through the week. The menus are measured on simple measures based on your palm size. Get your head around that first, then…

  1. Write a shopping list that matches your choices and size
  2. Ask any q’s you need to on the group
  3. Either order it online or go and buy it
  4. Clear out your cupboards of everything you normally binge on
  5. Cook your first batch of food and box it up ready to go
  • Start

  1. As soon as your first workout’s finished post a Victory Post in the group. Celebrate with us! Positive reinforcement is POWERFUL!
  2. Nail the first day. And the first week. But always be aware that any mistakes are ok, as long as you give them enough thought to learn from them.
  3. At the end of every day fill out the Commitment Score Q’s that have been sent to you, it takes 30 secs but producesa whole day of focus.
  • Weekly check ins

  1. You MUST post one update a week on how you’ve got on. Short or long, up to you. Pic or no pic, up to you. Do a vlog post if you want, up to you. This simple act of accountability has a deep predictive affect on how the next week will go.
  2. We’ll be chasing up missing Commitment Scores, telling you yours and posting the group average to compare your effort against.
  • Monthly round up

  1. Your final post of the month will explain what you’ve achieved and what you’ve noticed about your training/nutrition habits… sometimes this can be deep, sometimes funny. But 100% valuable for you as you move forward to accelerated results.
  2. We’ll post a monthly group average Commitment Score. No leader boards; we don’t do competition here - it’s partnership that builds better lives.




  1. Understand that you are in control of what happens here, we offer plans as guidelines not prescriptions, the most important thing is what you do with them. Everyone must fill out the form linked here before starting.
  2. If you want to ask questions about how you can apply the methods to your week then we actively encourage you to do it, straight away and loud! All questions are to be asked on the group discussion or tagged on the posts. This is a GROUP! :) (only exception is something private like personal medical issues). If you want private one-on-one planning work to precisely program your training OR have a bespoke nutrition consultation based on your individual circumstances… we can provide that too, at a small extra cost, just PM us.
  3. Be nice. I seriously doubt we have to say this but just for the record; please bring only positive vibes to the group. Aim to lift each other up and by doing so lift yourself up. We will moderate the comments and warn, then ban people if necessary to protect the group.
  4. Share as much or as little as you want. We encourage you to write check ins on how you’re week or day or lunch has gone. We encourage you (but don’t demand) to send in progress pics if you feel it’s going to motivate you (if you do use faceless pics for obvious reasons!).
  5. No advertising. We all have enough of that already thanks so if you’re involved in any sort of business please don’t bring it in here, this is a safe space for Livefit users to get fit!
  6. RAG runs first to the last of the month because we want it to make intuitive sense to your subconscious. We will remove everyone from the group at the end of the month. If you want to continue the next month that's cool, let us know.



  • £20pm - no contract. First - Last of the calendar month

Optional Extras:

  1. +£50 private nutrition consultation 
  2. +£50 personalised training programming
  3. or £100pm for all 3
  4. or £100pm for 3 friends in your own private group (with matching plans)


Landed on this post by accident but now seriously excited??

Contact us here to get on the list for next month;

James Hardy