The motivating boost of Spring cleaning your regime

5 pieces of food for thought to improve your 2017


The most important thing you can do today for your fitness is not in your body but in your mind.

Have you dusted off your goals since that holiday to Thailand in 2014?

It’s time for a mental Spring Clean.

What can you achieve this year with your head in the right place?


You have powerful emotional tools you’re probably not using. It’s not complicated, taking only slightly more thought than picking up your bag and heading to the gym. Try this emotional food for thought to get the ball rolling:


1.     Courage – Yes courage. Think about the obstacles you have to overcome to make your fitness happen; social influences, physical pain, changing your attitude to work to create time, removing ‘rewards’ like late night tv… These are big emotional challenges and that realisation causes your subconscious to create the fear, doubt and excuses that hold you back. It’s a struggle to overcome them, you are fighting for your life, against yourself. You are a gladiator!! Recognise your bravery and you better understand your battle. New fitness plan = new you. Are you not entertained?!


2.     Team Recruitment – A new start is a perfect reason to enrol a friend that’s fighting the same battle as you. It’s so beneficial to share the motivational load with someone you must take this opportunity. Every time you need a lift they can give it and the same goes when they’re feeling off the ball. This dynamic is so useful I’m not sure it needs any justification, just do it! If you don’t know someone already that’s at your level then find one at the class/gym you use. If you’re struggling jump on our facebook group and we’ll try to match make you! Going group sessions with the same crowd is half way there, but we recommend if possible create an actual partnership.


3.     New Goals = Free Motivation - New focus brings powerful positive emotions back to the surface. A goal that has seemed distant and you’ve been telling yourself is too hard is now one good month away from back on track. And it’s often these harder goals, the awkward, elusive ones that bear the greatest opportunities. You’ve managed to keep cycling to work twice a week through Winter… but you’re eating like you’re in the Tour de France. A reset allows you to reach past the low hanging fruit and focus on the juicy apples at the top of the tree. You probably think this would work for your friends, colleagues or family… are you any different?


4.     Environmental Reset – Take stock of what’s driving you each day. Do it while you’re changing your pattern and hyper-aware. Small changes in your environment help you ‘fall’ in to doing the right thing.

a.     Is the train so early in the morning you often end up forgetting your pack lunch? Pack your bag and leave it by the door the night before.

b.     Do you wake up your partner getting your running kit out at 6am? Lay it out in the bathroom so you can sneak out of bed with zero guilt/excuses and hit the road.

c.     ‘Accidentally’ eating chocolate squares after dinner each night? Throw them out now while the cookie monster’s not looking!


5.     Learn > Flow > Grow – Trying a new training pattern is, in a small but powerful way, self-improvement. Training has hidden learning power; I define my task, beat back the urges to quit, work consistently hard and succeed… it means more than when it first meets the eye. When you try a new pattern you have to focus on it intently because it’s new and that is one of the factors in ‘flow’ the psychological state of active learning-working-positivity. The mindful focus on skills, a constant spirit of self-challenge and mastery of body and mind are a place to find longer lasting meaning in your training than your aesthetic experience.


Stray in to foreign lands, with friends. Test your beliefs, attempt new challenges in the things you didn’t think you’d like until you tried them. And work at it, whatever it is. Test your training, master your self.

James Hardy