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 Fulham Bootcamp update




Hope you’re going well with the bootcamp?


I’m about to have a shake-up of what we do so I wanted to ask you for feedback first. We’ve been deliberating what to do about this for months but we need to put the price up by £5 pm. The prices have been unchanged since Summer ‘16 and since then we added the Thurs morning at Brunswick which costs a lot more.


No other bootcamps offer indoor sessions anywhere close to our price and it completely changes the cost for us. I hope that we’ve given you enough value over the last year that you’re behind us on that. We’ll keep on adding more to the sessions and the service to make it worth the extra.


So first Q is - Are you ok with that?



Next we want to ask you some Qs as feedback so we can make the service better for you at the new price. Where possible we will make the changes the majority want.

Bring a Friend Policy

Also we are going to change the friends policy as no one ever uses it! Instead of the blanket buddy pass to every session we’ll give you a voucher for a free week’s training to give to a friend each month. That sounds bigger and sexier right? More likely to get your friends’ attention… You’re probably thinking of someone that might use it already…

Boxing Indoors


We were about to raise the £5 anyway but I know that some people want to take the boxing session indoors too. So I’m considering what to do.


I want you to know how we operate so you don’t think I’m being tight! We work on a % where the trainers get 85% of revenue minus room hire and Livefit gets 15% of revenue minus room hire (incl. VAT). I made it like that so the girls get more if the membership builds = motivation. When the revenue drops I generally swallow it out of Livefit’s % so the girls don’t lose out and I run at a loss. When it was all outside it ran mildly profitably, when we had two in Brunswick I was paying for the privelege of running the bootcamp :)


Why am I telling you this? Well transparency is always nice, but the Brunswick costs us £30 an hour (£120-150pm), roughly 25% of our monthly revenue. So if we spend 25% revenue we chop wages 25% too and I can’t do that. Vanston we can hire cheaper £10 but the only slots we can hire are 7pm on Wed/Thurs.

So I propose we do this.


We put it up by £5 on monthly memberships but also take an extra session inside at Vanston, Wed or Thurs 7pm. Those two things will even out so the members get an extra indoor session and the girls don’t lose pay. Plus perhaps one more evening session is good for some people.


How does that sound?

So that means moving the timetable a bit.

I’ve got some proposed timetables here, what do you think?




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