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Livefit are committed to expanding our understanding of fitness psychology. By continually partnering and researching with the best people possible, we aim to multiply our positive effect on our communities.

We are helping academic researchers access trainers, like you, to take part in studies that prove the effectiveness of training and habit change methods. 

There are opportunities to get involved in the following areas of research:

  1. 'Using Social Media to Influence Group Norms of Health Behaviour' with UCL

  2. Early Intervention in Psychosis – using exercise to alleviate the mental and physical effects of psychosis. NHS outpatient pilot scheme.

  3. Mentoring Fitness Students – providing valuable industry knowledge and experience to college fitness students. Partner scheme with several London Colleges.

  4. Virtual therapy - Trialing client by client movement pattern coaching between therapists and personal trainers online.


“Curious people count. Not because they’re a lot of them. But because they are the ones who talk to people who are in a stupor. They’re the ones who lead the masses in the middle that are stuck. The masses in the middle who have brainwashed themselves into thinking it’s safe to do nothing. Which the curious ones can’t abide.”

- Seth Godin


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