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50% off Personal training in Piccadilly during January. get 2018 off to a running start!



1 a week

For self starters who are confident of their ability to train alone and their motivation to get to the gym.

Expert guidance and planning with your trainer then workout on your own for the rest of the week using the programs we set for you.

If you've lost your mojo or need some technical help this is the one for you.


2-3 a week

Get the ball rolling, commit to making serious changes to your fitness, strength and physique with your trainer.

Thorough 1-2-1 training schedule with a little extra homework set by your trainer and their attention through the week outside your sessions.

If you're ready to go all in this option will shepherd you to getting results even when your life might otherwise get in the way.

4 a week

The full monty. If you want to make a shift that just can't wait we can take all the guesswork out of the equation.

A full training week, all angles covered and intensified by the focus of a full time PT. They will stay on top of you to build the habits you need to make these changes permanent.

Big commitment. Big results.


Each Package includes:

Planning icon.png

personally tailored training

Your trainer will adapt every part of your program to match your journey from where you are to where you need to be. Looking carefully at your physical structure/movement patterns, lifestyle habits, training knowledge and schedule to find the perfect balance to push and support you in the right places.

Nutrition icon.png

Nutrition coaching

Every physical change starts with nutrition and we have a fantastic system to evolve a plan that helps you make changes naturally based on your preferences and schedule.

We'll work with you to perfect your nutrition and lifestyle as you grow in to the plan.

Goal tracking icon.png

Goal Tracking

To achieve the best results you need to have regular markers of progress. Your trainer will report your results monthly with visual representation of your progress.

App programs will be made for you to train on your own, with clear video instruction and easy feedback to your trainer this takes the ick out of training on your own.



Our Piccadilly set up

James Hardy_LiveFit.jpg


Our head trainer James Hardy operates out of a lovely gym in Piccadilly. He's been changing peoples bodies for 15 years, fixing movement chain first then building intelligent weight lifting ability to create long-term-lean functional bodies.

He is involved in academic psychology research studying habit change and has a way of understanding clients' lifestyles to help them make breakthroughs that change their habits.

Piccadilly facility

The beautiful and extremely well placed Akasha Wellness Centre is central London's best kept secret. Literally next door to Piccadilly station it still manages to be a relaxed enjoyable place to train.

The privacy, amazing facilities and changing rooms will leave you feeling like a star. If an exhausted one.



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