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Make a difference.

“Never doubt that a small group of

thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

- Margaret Mead

Cultural Anthropologist

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More than any other industry we have the power to directly do good for our community.

  • Reduce local obesity

  • Build fitness communities

  • Encourage youth health education

  • Contribute to research

  • Help the NHS

But are we too busy instagramming our abs to notice…?

How do we do real life #fitspo

We're building a team of freelance trainers that care. To work together to grow our businesses while doing good for the community. We provide radical levels of value to everyone we deal with and that starts at home with the trainers. Let's work together.


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work via livefit

We have client leads we need to fill all over London and home counties. In our marketplace we sell you to the client at your price for a slither of commission, 15%. That's the best in the industry. Because we like you.

We also run 3 month marketing campaigns for trainers that hire us. That's a full social media ad campaign with nicely edited videos, email marketing and professional sales team. You get all the leads, hopefully 3 new clients pm for 3 months. It costs 15% + the ad costs (£150-200 pm depending on area).

Thirdly we work in similar fashion with bootcamps or group classes, sending you extra clients paying your price - 15% commission.


Help your community

We run research with various universities (e.g. UCL) and bodies (e.g. the NHS). We want more trainers to get involved and help us learn how to create change in small groups of people so that we might learn how to make change in larger populations. We've been working on an NHS mental health pilot that is about to grow, if that interests you then you're in the right place at the right time.

We're setting up the Livefit Foundation dedicated to bringing the huge life changing benefits of personal training to people that can't afford personal training. Only a few trainers will be up for volunteering in their off peak hours to train someone who desperately needs it but can't afford it. But those that do will be recognised for their work and will have the ultimate feel good factor from changing a life.


Free-lance Business boost

This whole movement of doing good for the community starts at home. We know all too well how hard it can be for freelancers to organise their business, market themselves and keep the boat upright. So we help everyone we can for free. Join as a member for free and use all our services; client referrals, top app, email habit change service, social media boost community and client events.

Networking events where you learn something from local therapists and business leaders, swap numbers and grow your circle can be the start of sustainable business. Fulham, Notting Hill and Piccadilly.

Social media content is one of the great saps of your time as a freelancer who sells real physical training. With no 'team' behind you making convincing content is tough. Come to our monthly shoots and let many hands make light work