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Livefit Membership gives you

  • Client Tracking App

  • Referral Network

  • Social Media Boost

  • Networking Meetings

  • Nutrition Service

  • Client Events

  • Discounted Online Tools

For £5pm.


Client tracking app - MyPTHub the worlds top PT app is £12pm, as part of the Livefit team it's included in your membership. Create workouts and nutrition plans, send questionnaires, track your clients' diets, results and see them report back what they've achieved.

This alone makes it worth becoming a Livefit member, but there's way more...

Referral Network - Once you're a member Livefit will give you first refusal on any suitable clients that come through our main advertising. Always at the 85:15% split. You'll also have a supportive network of trainers, masseuses and therapists to refer clients with.

Social Media Boost - we run social media tactics to grow YOUR profile, we have some neat tricks up our sleeve...

Networking Meetings - Livefit run networking meetings Make Fitness Work which you'll have free access to as a member. We discuss business, how to improve the health of the local community, see guest presentations from therapists/educators/psychologists and give you the chance to practice public speaking.

Semi-professional photography - we run group photography sessions to create high quality content for your social media. Get it done all in one go. Learn from other trainers and hold cameras for each other! Create better pics, videos and storylines to increase your engagement. We'll organise the venue (sometimes there will be a small cost) and bring some proper photography kit and lighting. You bring a shot list and 100% battery.

Nutrition Services - our excellent affordable nutrition service can help you get better results from your clients. For a fraction of the normal cost of a nutritionist as ours, Emily from Twice the Health, will create a smart plan for your client for £20. If your client needs more they can have a 45min consult with Emily for only £50. These rates are only available to Livefit trainers.

Client Events - Accelerator Coaching meetings, Fun Runs and Fitness Experiences like rock climbing, trail running and surfing. Once you join the community you don't have to go to any trouble organising extra services like these. Just tag along with your clients and build a bond outside of your personal training sessions.

If that's not worth a fiver I don't know what is...

You will also get a Livefit badge! That's it.

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