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Partnered Bootcamps

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Be a Livefit Community Champion


We are looking to work with potent group class instructors who agree with the Livefit ethos and want to build a strong following in their area for indoor / outdoor bootcamps to create solid recurring monthly income.


ATM we are definitely looking for partners to launch bootcamps in:

Clapham, Battersea, Peckham, Hammersmith.

But if you are keen to start one in another area let's talk.

We need group class instructors who want to make a difference in their community and are able to run it like a business. We will help you set up, launch, manage and market a bootcamp in your area with you as partners. 

We only get a 15% marketing fee, you take the rest, possibly the best deal in the industry. Because it's your business. We want you to feel respected, love your sessions, have a great affect on your community and get paid what you’re worth. 

We've marketed bootcamps for years and will run a full online campaign on facebook, google, insta and twitter. You'll have a spot on membership sites like ClassPass, MoveGB and Esq2. Plus a networking campaign reaching out to local businesses. We'll even help you with on the ground local outreach and flyering.

Once we've got leads we'll sell them the package, take payment (which goes directly to you) and leave them in your capable hands, contacting them later to run promotions for new client referrals.

You run the sessions, manage the clients and stay in touch with them on a WhatsApp group chat. All the fun bits.


Livefit Foundation (OPTIONAL)

Livefit want to organise a charity fitness offer in your area running alongside the bootcamps. These 'Foundation' sessions will offer cheap/free group workouts off-peak to people that can't access normal fitness services: unemployed, obese, mental health outpatients, single mothers, benefits recipients etc. They will be subsidised by local charities where possible and sponsored by local businesses.

These sessions will provide extra off peak business and some of the most rewarding work you'll ever do. Yes they will likely be at lower rates but will have huge network benefits to your profile in the local community. At Livefit we are convinced that people in the fitness industry are keen to help their community given half a chance and we'll be offering guest instructor slots at these sessions when you can't cover them.


Contact us to find out more

We will invest in you. We'll bear the costs of setting up; market research, local networking etc, because we want you to be a success and improve your area’s health. We want our movement to grow… with the right people.

If that’s you fill in the box and we’ll call for a chat.

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