Piccadilly/Central London

Training Style:

Down to earth, technically precise, cheeky fun. I try to connect you with your body and challenge your mind. Mobility and movement patterns first, then step by step strength building and fat loss. Always asking questions about you, so you learn about your fitness psychology and master it.

Ideal Client:

30-50, male/female, that has suffered injuries or movement problems that are blocking their path to fitness success because they never fully recovered. Wants to fix the problem the right way but also wants to train hard and drop bodyfat!

The Result I'm Most Often Hired For:

Serious all over fitness life change - Fix an injury, retrain to a higher level, change habits and fix nutrition.

Favourite Gym Thing:

Wedges. Not the sandal type, small foam triangles that fit under your foot to magically correct whole body movement issues.



“Understanding the truth that plans do not always go to plan is key to making consistent progress. Discussing and jointly planning your lifestyle changes at a speed that will allow you to enjoy life makes sure you get it right, gradually, but permanently. It is important to use your close social groups and environmental ‘triggers’ to your advantage. The cycle of dieting and falling off the wagon is a lonely one. A positive spiral is much more fun.”



“Working with Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines put me to the test coaching dramatic transformations for their cover stories in 6 or 10 weeks. A good reference point for the precision that is possible, but a huge wake up call to how much dedication that takes… it’s not the way a ‘normal’ client would train. Boosts are great, grab that enthusiasm with two hands, but always, always, remember the long term or you’re not serving your client with integrity. The market has evolved, there’s no excuse for doing 8-week transformations without serving people’s long-term goals. There’s no hiding place that says ‘That’s what they asked for, it’s their choice’… Because WE have to understand the affect of fitness marketing on peoples desires. WE have show responsibility to know that short-term is always part of long-term for our clients and serve that need too. For free.”


• BSc Psychology & Sports Science, The University of Birmingham (2002) Showing my age.

• Precision Nutrition L1 – practical nutrition coaching to make cutting edge science fit into a busy life

• Poliquin Biosignature L1 – using precise body fat testing to uncover hormonal balance and optimise it with specific nutrition, supplementation and training protocols.

• L4 Personal Trainer: Lower back pain specialist & GP referral

• Anatomy In Motion L2 – using the whole-body movement chain to release restrictions from the foot up

• L3 Sports Massage Therapist