who are we?

Livefit is a collective of freelance personal trainers that work all over London pooled together to work as a larger unit. Between us we cover every style in every inch of London. We work like this because we believe experienced independent experts like us deliver better service than cookie cutter trainers in big gyms and we want to get your attention!

Livefit has been operating across London since 2011 with 100’s of successful clients, we know how to put the right package together for you! James Hardy is our founder and it’s him that you speak to about choosing the right personal trainer.

We make your search:

  1. Faster

  2. More Accurate

  3. Better Deal

  4. better Service

How does it work?

Finding the right trainer is like dating; you have to meet a lot of maybes before you find the one. Consider James your match maker. We don't just list personal trainers and leave you to guess, we help you choose the perfect match. 

No need to shop around. Livefit does that for you.

We've got a close working relationship with hundreds of great trainers all across London. Once we know a bit about you we’ll draw up a shortlist of the best trainers in your area that suit your style, physically and mentally.

Before presenting them we confirm they will work in your price bracket and have availability at your preferred times. You choose who to trial with. If you like them we'll set up your package and make sure you get the best deal.

  • Train in Gyms, Studios… or… outside in the park

  • Experienced trainers, quality controlled by us

  • Nutrition Coaching to increase results

  • Best deal available


We have a big network of personal trainers in every corner of London… And the Home Counties. There is a small selection below, we have too many to put them all on the site AND the big plus of our service is personally helping you choose so contact us to see who we would pick for you…


What happens next?

  1. 10-15 min phone consultation with head personal trainer James

  2. Shortlist of perfect personal trainers and their packages sent by email

  3. Book trial session and meet your trainer

  4. Agree package and purchase securely online

What does it cost?

One of your issues when choosing a trainer is how much should you pay for the level of service you want... All personal trainers charge different prices and do different deals so how do you know if you’re getting value for money? We can help.

We know the going rates in each area so we’ll help you get the best trainer possible at the price you’re willing to pay. They come in at different prices depending on their choice but we roughly categorise them in three levels: 

  1. Mid-level – a great trainer who lives for the job and usually has 2-5yrs experience

  2. High-level – an experienced trainer with 5+ yrs achieving verifiable successes with clients like you

  3. Expert – top of the industry trainer with amazing successes, long term experience and a genuine specialism

Mid-level trainers charge the going rate in your area, High-level slightly more and Experts charge the most. Sorry we can’t give definitive prices until we know what trainer you want but our promise is this..

Livefit will find you a better deal than you can get searching alone

Whatever level all trainers are vetted to ensure that they have great technical skill and are also good to work with. It might sound less important at first but good business practice, customer service and long term focus on mind-body-habit change are more important to your results than how good they look on instagram.


Choosing the right package is a key part of the process that you need to understand. The basic choices are:

  1. Choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 sessions a week.

  2. Choose a 3, 6 or 12 month contract or monthly rolling with no contract.

  3. Choose optional nutrition services and habit coaching.

  4. Choose lump sum or monthly payments.

Personal Trainers working with Livefit set their own prices dependent on their experience, facility costs and service. Livefit doesn't charge you for our work, the trainers pay a small commission, so you will always get the best possible price via us.

We can take payment in monthly installments to help you budget your trainer into your monthly outgoings. If you are committing to a longer period of 13 weeks or more we can often negotiate a discount from the trainer.

Click here to browse our personal trainer's prices.  

to make the best choice of package ask questions like these:

  • How long will it take to achieve your goal from where you are now?

  • Do you want your results for a particular date or are you able to let it flow naturally?

  • Are you able to make fast changes or like most people will you be better with gradual change? e.g. can you train alone for homework… do you have support at home… do you have control of your diet?

  • Should you go steady with 2 sessions a week for the next 6 months or start fast with 3 a week, then drop to 1 a week in month three?

  • Should you start slowly with 1 per week and build the motivation to move to 2 a week in month 2?

  • Then add a third or a group session when things are going well and you’re comfortable?

  • Do you need a nutrition plan to follow or should you start by learning to track your food and weigh your recipes?

  • Have you got movement issues that need a physio or massage to prepare you for training?

Let us help you make the best choice.