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Hire us to represent you

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If you need to fill your books but whatever you do never seems to get you there we can help you win quality local clients at proper rates.

Launching or trying to boost your freelance business? Whatever stage you're at in your career marketing takes time. Yes there are courses you can learn how to do it, but you've still got to go out and do it.

We've been operating since 2010 and working in fitness since way before that. Our team have huge experience in marketing, advertising, management, finances, mentoring, networking and have connections in gym chains, studios, the NHS and local councils. 

Once you’ve joined the referral community and ‘hired’ us to rep you we’ll advise and collaborate on your business for free.

When you’re ready we’ll run 3-month online marketing campaigns on your behalf and present you with live paid up clients.

  1. 'Hire' Us
  2. Business assessment
  3. Lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Insta
  4. Livefit sales process
  5. Client's payment goes direct to you
  6. Start training

We only get paid when we win business for you. It's the best split in the industry by far, we actually do it at an initial loss because we want to build long term relationships.

We want our movement to grow. And for that, we need good people on board.

The split is 85:15, Livefit gets only  15% of the business it wins for you (Only on business we win you. Yours is 100% yours).  We want you to feel respected. That you can trust us. So we can remain loyal to each other for the long term. 

Because we don’t really do it for profit we can’t take on everyone so there are limited spots. 5 a month. We need to guarantee everyone we work with is not only a great trainer with talent for business, but also a great person with strong work ethic and passion for helping people. If this is you we’d love to hear from you, whatever stage you’re at.