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Make a difference.

“Never doubt that a small group of

thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

- Margaret Mead


More than any other industry we have the power to directly do good for our community.

  • Reduce local obesity
  • Build fitness communities
  • Encourage youth health education
  • Contribute to research
  • Help the NHS

But are we too busy instagramming our abs to notice…

How do we do real life #fitspo?



Livefit are committed to expanding our understanding of fitness psychology. By continually partnering and researching with the best people possible, we aim to multiply our positive effect on our communities.

We are helping academic researchers access trainers, like you, to take part in studies that prove the effectiveness of training and habit change methods. 

Want to contribute to the science of fitness and behaviour change?

Get in touch.

There are opportunities to get involved in the following areas of research:

  1. 'Using Social Media to Influence Group Norms of Health Behaviour' with UCL

  2. Early Intervention in Psychosis – using exercise to alleviate the mental and physical effects of psychosis. NHS outpatient pilot scheme.

  3. Mentoring Fitness Students – providing valuable industry knowledge and experience to college fitness students. Partner scheme with several London Colleges.

  4. Virtual therapy - Trialling client by client movement pattern coaching between therapists and personal trainers online.


help change the conversation


 “Curious people count. Not because they’re a lot of them. But because they are the ones who talk to people who are in a stupor. They’re the ones who lead the masses in the middle that are stuck. The masses in the middle who have brainwashed themselves into thinking it’s safe to do nothing. Which the curious ones can’t abide.”

- Seth Godin

If that’s you enter your details using the button below to get involved.

No charge. No hard sell. We just want your help.


“The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation."
- Bertrand Russell



Strength in numbers.

Partners in potential.

By nature the freelance industry is split in 20,500 pieces. Surely together we’d be stronger. Coming together to pool our knowledge, experience and contacts, creating a stronger community to work in.

As freelancers we would win way more from partnership than competition. Helping others, helps you. We just need some structure to thrive.

Livefit are building local networks in every London borough of trainers, studios, nutritionists and therapists with strong ethics. To build a London-wide network that truly helps. Helps you, your network and the local community.

A platform for freelance PTs to have a noticeable effect on their community, help more people that really need helping and build supportive networks as they go. 

Make Fitness Work.

Networking Meet Ups & Referral Community


Networking is the simplest way to build your business using the power of connections. We run meet ups in London for fitness professionals, therapists, GPs and relevant local businesses. Members of Make Fitness Work get referrals from each other and from Livefit.

Where? Fulham, Clapham, Notting Hill. 

Can’t reach one? Get in touch and we’ll partner with you to start one in your borough.

Make Fitness Work meet monthly to: 

  • Give referrals 
  • Skill swap to learn from each other’s skill-sets and build strong relationships.
  • Run practical business workshops on industry specific topics
  • Brainstorm how to raise awareness of health in your borough
  • Discuss your clients’ training and results case studies 
  • Learn how to use fitness psychology to improve client commitment
  • Practice public speaking; 10 min presentation with constructive feedback



Example meeting agenda:

1. Shoulder mobility: client case study and simple drills from an Osteopath

2. Habit change ideas for coaching clients online/offline – presentation by Jody

3. Optimise your online ad spend to win new clients quicker

4. Referral pitches – 2 mins to explain who should be referred to you and why.