work with livefit

We are building a team of freelance trainers that care. To work together to grow our businesses while doing good for the community. We provide radical levels of value to everyone we deal with and that starts at home with the trainers. Let's work together.


Client marketplace

We have leads. We want to connect you to them for a very small 15% commission. We do a lot for very little because we want long term business.

Join our community, see when new leads come in and offer your services.


Partnered bootcamps

We’re looking for high energy group class instructors who want to run their own business with our support.

We will set up, manage and market an outdoor/indoor bootcamp in your area with you as partners. Tired of working for gyms? Expand your business, increase your rates and make a difference.


Marketing Campaigns for you

We're offering to help you launch or boost your freelance business at no up front cost.

Facebook + Instagram + Email marketing campaign management to win new local clients, business management, mentoring, sales receptionist, local business networking and advice on using tech to grow your business.